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What is a Lab Grown Diamond?

A lab grown diamond is a real diamond grown in a controlled environment rather than in the earth’s upper mantle. Natural diamonds are made from heated, highly pressurized carbon and exhibit similar light reflection and refraction properties. The geological process is the same for natural diamonds and artificial ones.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Real?

Yes, of course. The quality of lab grown diamonds is the same as diamonds that are mined from the earth. Like Natural Diamonds, they have shape, size, color, and clarity grades. The physical and chemical properties of natural and lab grown diamonds are the same.

Pros And Cons Of Lab Grown Diamonds

Starting with the pros, this is a more sustainable way to make diamonds. Additionally, it is more cost-effective. When it comes to lab vs natural, lab diamonds often win because they’re half the price of natural diamonds. Lab-created diamonds are even becoming more popular according to industry trends.

This cost-effective, accessible nature means that the value of these stones will diminish over time. These lab diamonds require a lot of energy to make, which is also harmful to the environment.

Lab Grown Diamond Vs Natural Diamond

Natural diamonds have different properties than lab diamonds. The stones are designed to look like diamonds. Manufacturing isn’t as labor-intensive. A couple of the most common simulated diamonds are moissanite and cubic zirconia.

This technology has made the manufacturing process and synthetic diamonds much more affordable. Investing in a lab diamond alternative can avoid searching for diamond alternatives. If you don’t take it to a lab, no one will know it’s a lab-created diamond. It has the same properties as a natural diamond.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Costly?

Lab grown diamonds are priced according to the 4Cs: color, cut, clarity, and carat. Compared with natural diamonds of similar size and quality, lab diamonds often cost 40 to 50% less. A fancy colored diamond or a diamond with a larger carat weight will cost even more.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Worth Buy?

Despite what you may have heard, lab grown diamonds are a wise investment. There has been an exponential improvement in the quality of stones manufactured recently. It has the same chemical and physical properties as a mined or naturally sourced diamond.

A lab-created diamond can cost up to 50% less than a natural diamond. This price will continue to drop as new technologies come out. The only disadvantage is that it reduces the stone’s value, as it is no longer a rare purchase. A lack of a test to distinguish between lab and natural diamonds may result in a flooded market and confusion between the two.