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Ultimate Buying Guide of Heart Shaped Diamond

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What is Heart Shaped Diamond?

The heart shaped diamond symbolises true love. Their symmetrical shape creates an attractive and romantic look. Any engagement ring setting would look great with heart shaped diamond.

Diamonds with modified brilliant cuts take on distinctive heart shapes that symbolise love unmistakably. Solitaire pendants and rings with heart shaped diamonds are famous. A heart must have identical halves since it must be symmetrical. Ensure that the cleft is sharp and distinct and that the wings are slightly rounded. As the preferred choice of the romantic, this rare and symbolic cut is the perfect tool for displaying your heart on your finger rather than on your sleeve, and there is no better way to express your love while maintaining your style at the same time.

The 4C’s of Heart Shaped Diamonds


Heart shaped diamonds are modified brilliant cuts. Diamonds with modified brilliant cuts differ from round brilliant cuts in their shape. The faceting pattern of modified brilliants offers the same dazzling sparkle as a round brilliant cut and is a popular choice for jewelry.

Pear shaped diamond and oval cut diamond modified brilliants are two of the most well-known hand-cut modified brilliants. Nowadays, laser cutting uses various shapes, such as butterflies and stars. A modified round brilliant is a diamond cut adapted from the round brilliant.

Diamonds with a heart shape are cut differently than round brilliants. People have different preferences regarding stone ratios; some prefer a longer heart, while others prefer a rounded heart.


Diamonds in heart shapes tend to hold their color better than round brilliants, but the color is where you can save money. A color of I-G is recommended, although J can appear colorless even in a warm setting. Color is sensitive to some people, so you must view the diamond through high-resolution photography or 360 degrees imaging before purchasing. This heart shaped diamond also has a gorgeous combination of purple and pink color diamonds.


A heart shaped diamond’s facets are perfect for hiding inclusions since it is a brilliant cut. By looking for an eye-clean SI1 stone, you will be able to spend more funds on the cut and increase the stone’s carat weight.

The key to choosing clarity is to find an eye-clean stone. There can be inclusions in even diamonds rated VS2 that detract from the diamond’s overall beauty. Diamonds with no inclusions in the point are also more likely to chip as they are more durable.


When choosing a carat weight for other diamond cuts, it is important to consider your budget and personal preference. Diamonds with a heart shape are a little different. Due primarily to the carat weight, precisely how many carats are needed for this cut to reach its peak popularity! The minimum weight of a heart shaped diamonds should be 1.00ct.

A heart shaped diamond appears smaller than other modified brilliants of the same carat weight because of its ‘deep’ shape. The distinct shape of these stones cannot be seen in smaller carat weights, which may be more important than their weight. The diamond can appear warped if it is small and heart shaped. The right setting can make even a small, heart shaped diamond appear dazzling, but generally, it is a shape better suited to those looking at diamonds up to 1.00 carat.

Pricing of Heart Shaped Diamonds

Heart shaped diamond, although they are variants of Round Cut Diamonds, are approximately 15% to 20% cheaper when compared to Round Cut Diamonds with the same cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. The heart shaped diamond allows you to obtain a larger diamond than a similar-sized round diamond.

Heart shaped diamonds are priced according to their cut, clarity, color, and carat weight. A 1-carat heart cut diamonds with J color and SI1 clarity might be valued at 2000 dollars. The price of your diamond can increase to almost 9000 dollars for a similar carat weight with higher color and clarity grades.

Best Settings for Heart Shaped Diamonds

Five Prong Setting

Heart shaped diamond need a setting that protects the stone well. Many jewelers recommend five-prong settings. Two prongs are located at the top over the heart’s curve, one prong on each side about halfway through, and the final prong is at the bottom.

The last prong on the ring is essential. It prevents a heart shaped diamond from breaking. Diamonds are held in place by prong settings, also called claw settings. Diamonds are placed in the prongs vertically. It is burnished and notched firmly around the stone once it has been aligned.

Bezel Setting

Bezel settings with heart shaped diamonds are more popular than five-prong settings. Metal surrounds the diamond, which is enclosed in the band. The setting draws attention to the uniqueness of the heart shape, so it is recommended for those with smaller diamonds.

A bezel setting differs entirely from a prong setting. A bezel setting is better for protecting heart shaped diamond. There is little chance that an impact would result in any damage. As the bezel rests above the girdle of the diamond, these settings are extremely secure. Choosing this setting gives the jewelry a very sleek and modern appearance.

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