Ultimate Guide of Pavé Ring Settings

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What is Pavé Ring Settings?

Pavé setting rings usually feature diamonds or gemstones encircling the band. A diamond outline covers the entire band of your ring, adding a new level of brilliance and sparkle. A pavé diamond setting fits a variety of diamond shapes and design styles, making it a versatile setting for engagement rings.

A pavé engagement ring is perfect if you’re looking for something with more sparkle and less metal. The pavé diamond band creates additional elegance and shine by complementing your center stone as a focal point. Small diamonds embedded in the band add an outline of precious gems to the thin band, so your center stone gets all the attention.

History of Pavé Ring Settings

Pavé comes from the French word “pavéd”. Pavé Diamonds are set in such a way that they resemble pavéd roads. It has been centuries since pavé settings were used. They have been in use since the 1700s. In the 1900s, they became increasingly popular. A few celebrities have used pavé engagement rings in recent years. Their popularity around the world has undoubtedly increased as a result.

Pros and cons of Pavé Ring Settings


  • A pavé setting draws attention to the center stone. The presence of pavé on the shanks of the ring setting draws the eye to the center stone. Your pavé setting can be enhanced further by choosing a thin ring band.
  • A pavé ring gives it a brilliant and luxurious appearance. Pavé bands add a sparkling, stylish effect to the ring’s overall design compared to plain bands.
  • The pavé option is versatile and can be used in various settings for engagement and wedding rings. The reason is that pavé isn’t a setting but rather an embellishment that can be added to most rings.


  • The cost of pavé settings varies depending on several factors, including the size of the setting and the amount of pavé used.
  • Pavé settings can be challenging to clean due to the grooves and hidden areas where dirt can accumulate. To keep your ring setting sparkling and beautiful, clean it periodically.
  • Pavé settings can be challenging to resize, especially when the pavé surrounds the entire shank. To avoid problems, getting the right ring size at the beginning is important.
  • Paving stones may become dislodged or loose when struck with a hard blow. There is no specific con to pavé settings, which could happen in any setting.

Popular Types of Pavé Ring Settings

Micro Pavé

The micro pavé setting creates the illusion that the whole band is diamond because it’s made with diamonds smaller than .01 carats. The band of these rings is usually encrusted with glimmering gems.

Rings of this style are stunning for those who adore diamonds because of their irresistible sparkle, as micro pavé settings can hold up to 50 diamonds. Micro pavé settings are usually more expensive than other engagement ring designs.


U-Cut Pavé

A u-cut is one of the most popular types of pavér settings. The u-cut setting is a modern design that incorporates a series of grooves into which small stones are placed, resulting in a u-shaped outline from the side.

U-cut designs can be paired with elegant solitaire bands or fancy filigree for a vintage look, increasing the diamond to metal ratio and revealing the natural beauty of your wedding band.


French Pavé

A French pavé also known as a fishtail pavé for its unique texture. In this style, the diamonds are set in v-shaped grooves cut into the ring’s band. Like the u-cut, the French pavé allows more light to pass through, enhancing the sparkle of a gemstone.

The beauty of such wedding rings is that minimal metal is required to hold the accent diamonds.


Petite Pavé

The petite pavé setting belongs to the traditional pavé family and uses tiny prongs to hold micro pavé diamonds in place. Smaller prongs make diamonds appear more prominent and visible despite what you might think.


Buying a Pavé Engagement Ring

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