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What is a Pink Color Diamond?

Pink diamonds are fancy colored diamonds with a pink hue. Pink color diamonds are among the most valuable and rare diamonds available on earth, with vivid-colored stones regularly fetching more than $2.00 million USD per carat at auctions. Only a small percentage of natural diamonds are pink, and only a fraction of those pink colored diamonds have a rich, vivid color.

Orange color diamonds with modifying colors like brown, yellow, and pink are relatively common, but vivid orange stones are rare and valuable.

How Affordable are Pink Color Diamonds?

A diamond’s value increases with its rarity, whether it’s fancy colored or colorless. Prices of diamonds do not follow a predetermined linear scale. The rarity or regularity of a diamond will determine its price.

Pink color diamonds are one of the rarest diamonds, and they’re mainly quarried by Rio Tinto’s Argyle mine in Australia. Around the world, at least 90% of pink colored diamonds come from Argyle. As natural pink color diamonds are hard to find, it is expected to cease operations by 2020.

As a result of the shutdown of the Argyle mine, pink diamond color prices are expected to rise further. Some will see this as a hindrance to their pink dream, while others will see it as an excellent investment opportunity.

Are Pink Color Diamonds Rare?

Pink diamonds are extremely rare. Eighty percent of pink colored diamonds come from Australia. However, only one percent of the diamonds found in this mine are pink, making them the rarest of the rare. As a result, their price goes up, and they’re in demand.

How to Choose Pink Color Diamond?


A pink diamond color and intensity contribute to its rarity. They’re two different things. In the first case, the color is pure. It is important to remember that a pink diamond color can be pure pink, but it can also contain traces of other hues. Diamonds should be as pure as possible in color. Second, the color intensity is essential. It is possible to have two diamonds with a pure pink color, but one can be dark, intense pink, while the other can be pale, very light pink.¬†

Diamonds with more intense colors are rarer and more valuable. Despite being only 24.78 carats, the Graff Pink has an intense Fancy Pink color. Among pink colored diamonds, this is the third highest level of color intensity. As the most expensive pink color diamond ever sold at auction, the Steinmetz Pink will likely replace the Graff Pink. This stone, cut down from over 100 carats in the rough, measures 59.6 carats. There are eight intensities of pink color diamonds. Among them are:

  • Faint Pink
  • Very Light Pink
  • Light Pink
  • Fancy Light Pink
  • Fancy Pink
  • Fancy Intense Pink
  • Fancy Vivid Pink
  • Fancy Deep Pink


Color diamonds are more important than colorless diamonds, despite the importance of clarity in diamonds. This fact remains true but contributes to a diamond’s internal perfection. Steinmetz Pink is a very large, intensely colored stone that is also internally flawless. Pink Orchid, a 22.84 purplish-pink diamond, Pink Sunrise Diamond, and Graff Pink Supreme are all internally flawless. Diamonds in this collection are neither large nor intensely colored, except for the first stone. Instead, they are renowned for their superb clarity.

 When you add color to diamonds, they get even more complicated. Although some pink color diamonds come along occasionally, a truly rare stone usually has one spectacular quality across all spectrums. Due to their rarity, these diamonds are highly prized. Considering these circumstances, pink colored diamonds can be worth astronomical sums of money.


A carat is commonly thought to represent a diamond’s size, but it refers to its weight. One carat of pink color diamond weighs 200 milligrams or 0.2 grams. The weight of a five carat diamond pink color is only 1 gram. Due to the rarity of heavier diamonds, their price per carat will increase.


A diamond’s price is influenced by the quality of polish applied by the polisher to highlight the diamond’s rarest and most valuable characteristics. Does it have a symmetrical shape? Does it deepen and accentuate its color? Does it look bigger than it is? Does the polish look shiny, and does the diamond sparkle? A professional polisher has polished your pink diamond with care to highlight its best and rarest qualities in a positive light through a high-quality finish, thus raising its value.

Where to Buy Pink Color Diamonds?

Always choose a reputable and trustworthy retailer when buying pink colored diamonds. It is always advisable to obtain a certificate of authenticity from an independent laboratory and to inquire about the origin of the stone.

If you’re looking for loose diamond pink color, we recommend checking out Clean Origin. They have one of the largest online diamond inventories and offer a wide variety of pink colored diamonds at reasonable prices.

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